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Hat Sizing

How to Measure Your Size

Measurements are made from the inside circumference of the hat's crown (bottom of hat), also known as the sweatband, and most often measured in centimeters (.393in).

Dope Hats Uses the Following Sizes:

  • Small - Medium (55cm to 58cm)
  • Large (58cm to 60cm)
Additional Sizing Chart (based on avg. sizes):
  • Small - 55cm (21.65 Inches)
  • Medium - 57cm (22.44 Inches)
  • Large - 59cm (23.22 Inches)
  • X Large - 60cm (23.62 Inches)

dope hats store fedora and wide brim sizing guide

Measuring Your Size

There are two methods of measurement, which depend on how you wear your hat. You will need to take both measurements and then use the larger of the two measurements to determine your hat size.

1. Use textile measuring tape to measure the distance around your head crossing through the center part of the back of your head and the forehead just above the eyebrow. Be sure the tape is level with the floor.

2. Check the measurement of the tape wrapped around your head and record the measurement in centimeters (cm). We recommend sizing up if you land between two sizes.

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